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Mollie D., 3rd Grade Teacher

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"It has been excellent! My students are in third grade and it has been so easy for them to use! We were able to implement Classtime in week one of distance learning so the kids did not miss a beat! Thank you so much!"

We support educators and schools online, in-class, and in hybrid classrooms.

Collaborative Challenges to engage students and have fun while learning 

Enhance online video conferencing with instant assessment insights

"I have really enjoyed using Classtime in my classes. The kids really like to see their real-time results so they can go back and correct answers easily."

Nicole P., Social Studies Teacher

Paula Yohe, Director of Technology & Information Systems at Dillon School District Four

"We were looking for a product that provided immediate feedback to students and protected our students' privacy. Classtime was super easy to use and it made our district roll out exceptionally smooth. I highly recommend Classtime!"

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